Retaining walls serve an important purpose in the landscaping world. They have equally functional and aesthetic uses, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial properties. Of the numerous materials that can be used in retaining wall construction, rock is the superior choice given its durability and superior drainage properties. Jett Earthmoving specialise in the construction of premium quality rock retaining walls for our customers across Sydney.
The benefits of choosing a rock retaining wall are evident, and the team at Jett Earthmoving can construct you a truly A-grade product. Get in touch with us today to start planning the next addition to your property.

Upgrade your property with a rock retaining wall

A big part of what makes rock such an essential choice for retaining wall construction is its durability. Unlike most other materials typically used in retaining wall construction, rock boasts longevity and minimal maintenance requirements, even in harsh weather conditions.

For example, while timber is sometimes used in retaining wall construction, it is prone to rotting over time when exposed to the elements. Even varnished or cured wood will eventually wear away and need to be replaced.

The same is true for concrete, which may seem extremely durable, but is prone to cracking when exposed to heat for extended periods of time. This is a concern given that almost all retaining walls will be exposed to sunlight.
Unlike these materials, rock retaining walls will stand the test of time, and be just as effective in ten years as they are the day construction wraps up.

The most durable retaining wall material

Rock retaining walls can be essential in facilitating the construction of other features or additions to your property. Driveway construction can be difficult on properties which have sloping or steep access, but incorporating retaining walls into the construction process can simplify it.

Similarly, rock retaining walls can be designed and implemented in a way that allows for swimming pool construction. Because of the inherent strength of rock retaining walls, the weight of additional water is a non-issue.
Rock retaining walls can also facilitate construction in a general residential sense, making way for house construction, landscaping works, and garden bed installation. Prepare your property for deluxe additions with the construction of a high-quality rock retaining wall today.

Make way for top-tier additions to your property

Ensuring adequate drainage on your property or site is no simple task, but rock retaining walls provide a comprehensive solution. A well-constructed and well-placed rock retaining wall can effectively control waterflow and prevent erosion. By channelling rainwater away from soil and dirt which may be susceptible to erosion, rock retaining walls can effectively improve drainage on your site, which in turn prevents your soil from being saturated over long periods of time. Reducing erosion keeps your soil healthy and prevents long-term damage to the surrounding earth and vegetation. Keep your yard in prime condition by contracting the Jett Earthmoving team to construct you a retaining wall.

Superior drainage for your property

Rock retaining walls have a classic, top-end appearance and look great in any residential or commercial environment. The team at Jett Earthmoving can source a range of high-quality rock and stone materials to suit your ideal design aesthetic, while still ensuring outstanding durability and drainage. Whether you need to build a rock retaining wall to facilitate other construction on your property or for drainage purposes, we can ensure your functional decision has aesthetic benefits.

The visually superior retaining wall

Why building a rock retaining wall is the best choice for your property

October 10, 2021


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