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Why use an excavator for your demolition job?

There is a massive demand for top quality demolition work on job sites around the country, and throughout Sydney in particular. With so many new developments and infrastructure projects beginning throughout greater Sydney, demolition services for existing buildings and structures are in high demand. While there are a wide variety of potential machines you could use for demolition, a high-quality excavator is by far the most versatile. Not only do excavators possess superior lifting, reaching, and traversal capabilities, but their ability to swap attachments makes them especially useful for demolition works. Consider wet-hiring one of Jett Earthmoving’s industry leading excavators for your next demolition project.

When carrying out demolition work, it is important to consider the capacities of the machinery and equipment being used on site. While there is a wide range of earthmoving and construction plant which can be used, excavators stand as the clear option because of their extended reach and lifting capabilities.

A range of attachments means a range of capabilities

A large part of what makes excavators such versatile tools for demolition is that they can be used for so many different tasks on one site. Excavators can handle a range of services, due to the various excavator attachments which can be changed in and out. For example, attempting to demolish concrete structures with a standard bucket might be time consuming and difficult, but using a hydraulic hammer attachment makes the entire process quick and simple. Hydraulic hammers are extremely powerful due to their large compression chamber and the force applied on the fluid located in the chamber.

This massive amount of force makes breaking up concrete a quick and easy process and simplifies an otherwise arduous demolition task. Using a hydraulic grab excavator attachment can also prove incredibly useful for collecting large amounts of post-demolition debris. By moving large amounts of debris and waste at once, excavators using these attachments streamline every aspect of the demolition process.

Excavators make specialised demolition jobs simple    

The potential applications for excavators in demolition are extensive, covering a wide range of situations and projects. Specialised tasks like swimming pool demolition are perfectly suited to the capabilities and functions of excavators, given that pools are usually set into the ground and the jobs require machinery with substantial reach. Excavators are also particularly useful in that one machine can complete many different tasks. Swimming pool demolition requires that the material used be broken up before being collected and removed. A hydraulic hammer can be used to demolish the pool itself, then a hydraulic grab excavator attachment can be used for clean-up.

Track mounted excavators mean easy traversal

Track mounted excavators are ideal for demolition purposes given their advanced maneuverability, which takes all the worry out of navigating job sites. Track mounted excavators can comfortably traverse almost any kind of terrain, which is a powerful function when it comes to demolition. Construction sites typically feature complicated and uneven terrain, which may be difficult for other machinery to navigate. Using a track mounted excavator ensures you get quick and uninhibited access to the structure in need of demolition, expediting the whole process. If you’re looking to make your next demolition project as quick and simple as possible, make sure you contract Jett Earthmoving’s to ensure great results.

Get an excavator, or get us to do it

Everybody involved in construction understands the value of getting through demolition jobs as quickly as possible, and the use of excavators is the quickest path to quick and easy demolition. Get in touch with Jett Earthmoving today to secure a top-tier excavator and an expert team for your next demolition project