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Scissor grab attachments: a sure-fire way to prevent piping damage

Scissor grabs are custom designed machine attachments, made to move piping, bars, and tubes safely and quickly via excavator. They can be attached to all standard excavators and provide an alternative to commonly used mechanical grapples. Mechanical grapples certainly have their place – and are specifically useful for heavy-duty lifting, carrying, and loading – but scissor grabs provide an option for cylindrical objects like utility piping, which require precise lifting and placing methods to keep them from damage.

Selecting the right attachment for the job is a process which must be thoroughly considered, as the right attachment can save time, money, and prevent damage – while the wrong attachment can lead to disastrous results. Attempting to carry out accurate pipe installation with anything other than a high-quality scissor grab is like trying to pick flowers with an auger drill: potentially damaging, and extremely inadvisable.

Long-term damage as a result of short-sited errors

While the risk of immediate on-site damage is significant, the potential for piping to sustain micro-damage from mishandling is immense.

Scissor grab attachments are designed to safely secure round objects in a way that allows them to be moved without any kind of damage occurring. Other kinds of attachments lack this capacity and can cause small chips, cracks, and scratches in piping which is then installed – unbeknownst to the contractor or client.

Because piping for gas, water, and sewerage is typically either underground or within a structure, it is difficult to identify damage until it’s too late. This results in damage which worsens over time, and often compounds to cause larger issues. Underground piping is often subject to particularly problematic ongoing damage as the weight of soil and earth can exacerbate existing cracks.

The unfortunate result of selecting an improper machine attachment is often a complete replacement of entire sections of piping. Scissor grab attachments not only allow for quick and precise piping installation, but also mitigate the risk of damage occurring post-installation.

Guarantee site safety with scissor grab hire

The advantages of selecting a scissor grab attachment are evident, from visual and drainage benefits, through to minimising material damage and reworks.

At Jett Earthmoving, we provide a complete pipe installation package – including machine hire, expert machine operators, and the requisite scissor grab attachment. Contracting our team and equipment will guarantee high-level results on your next piping project. Get in touch with us today to remove the possibility of any piping-related mishaps.