Now that you’ve decided your building has to come down, it’s not as simple as going to town with a sledgehammer. Demolition is a task best carried out by the professionals, and the team at Jett Earthmoving has decades of experience tackling even the most challenging demolition jobs. Our Sydney-based team of demolition experts are fully licensed and accredited, boasting a meticulous understanding of worksite safety and full compliance with current Safe Work Practices.
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Wanting to make changes to your floor plan but can’t figure out a cost-effective solution? Partial demolition could be the answer. Selecting certain areas of a building to be demolished can create more space within while keeping the existing external structure, giving you room to play with and redesign.

Take it to the floor

If the building you purchased has been declared unsafe by law, demolition is the logical (and legal) way to go. For those in the market to purchase a commercial building, this can actually be a blessing in disguise. There is every chance you can get a discounted purchase price on a condemned building, which would be lucrative for you to demolish and rebuild.

Safety first

You may have your heart set on setting up shop in a specific suburb or in a building of a particular size. Often our property dreams don’t match up with reality, which is where demolition can come in handy. With demolition you can purchase a property purely for the land, knock down the structure, and build exactly what you want, where you want it.

Freedom of choice

There are several instances where you may be financially better off demolishing your existing building than attempting to rehabilitate it. The first case is if you bought the building as a fixer-upper and remodelling costs are getting out of hand. Secondly, your bargain purchase may have an uncontrollable pest problem that no number of baits can fix. Finally, the price of repairs exceeding the value of your investment are all good cases for demolition. You might be able to sell the land and recoup your losses instead of sinking money into a sinking ship or rebuild on the land to create a more commercially attractive space that will be profitable in the future.

Money talks – is the juice worth the squeeze?

In the ever-changing and swiftly moving property market, attracting tenants for your commercial building is becoming increasingly difficult. If potential tenants are avoiding your building because of its size or condition, demolition and rebuilding can be a more cost-effective solution than restoration. This is often a case of short-term pain for long-term gain, because if you can create a red-hot commercial space in a good location to your exact specifications, you will reap the rewards of your investment long into the future. The restoration process tends to be more costly, time-consuming, and finnicky – why not do things your way to attract your ideal tenants?

Let the right one in

Rip it up and start again – the many benefits of demolition

November 09, 2021

Property ownership is a tough gig, especially when you start to notice the glaring issues that can come with an ageing structure. From aesthetics to functionality, there comes a point with some buildings when stock-standard repairs and renovations aren’t going to cut it anymore. Demolition or partial demolition may not be your first thought for a solution for your commercial building issues, but it’s an option that can save you time, money, and lots of stress. While it seems like a big, scary decision to start from scratch, there are several solid reasons why choosing demolition can benefit your site in the long term.

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