Rock Retaining Walls Across Sydney

Our Rock Retaining Walls

Jett Earthmoving has extensive experience in building rock retaining walls for stabilising and levelling civil and domestic sites. We have constructed rock retaining walls throughout the Sydney region that has formed our reputation on competent servicing and client satisfaction.

The complexity of installing Rock Retaining Walls

We understand that a well-built rock retaining wall can be both visually pleasing and functional, but design and construction flaws may lead to expensive remediation and rebuilding work. Many aspects of rock retaining wall construction must be taken into account as there are no short cuts in safety, performance and longevity which are needed for successful wall construction.

Major considerations of rock retaining walls include the strength and stability of the structure as gravity is an unavoidable factor which will quickly highlight flaws. Drainage and water runoff provisions must also be designed and incorporated to meet specific site requirements. Wet soil can be incredibly dense and a well-built rock retaining wall must be able to withstand the forces exerted by prolonged soaking rain. Our experienced plant operators have the skills and knowledge to prevent rock retaining wall issues during construction.

Why should you have a Rock Retaining Wall built?

Rock retaining walls are useful for a range of everyday purposes when constructed to the highest quality with Jett Earthmoving. Many house sites have steep or sloping access and a well-constructed rock retaining wall can enable driveway construction to improve vehicle access. Swimming pool construction may also require a rock retaining wall that is strong enough to bear the added weight of water. We are also experienced in rock retaining wall construction for house building, landscaping and garden beds or many other requirements.

Our Earthmoving Plant

We can successfully tackle the most challenging rock retaining wall projects with our wide range of plant equipment available for wet hire across Sydney. Our reliable plant consists of 4.5 tonne to 13 tonne track mounted excavators and a posi track loader along with our range of attachment options.

We have the local knowledge and experience to construct your Rock Retaining Walls!

Rock Retaining Walls across Sydney

Jett Earthmoving construct rock retaining walls on residential and commercial projects across New South Wales from Palm Beach to Vaucluse and along the Sydney coastline and Northern Beaches.


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