What is rock sawing?

What is rock sawing?

December 10, 2021

Rock sawing is a specialised excavation solution, which allows for the precise excavation of difficult-to-remove materials while ensuring minimal disturbance to surrounding structures. It’s also a relatively delicate and precise process, which requires skilled operators and dedicated equipment.

What is a rock saw?

A rock saw is a rotating metal saw that allows for precise and accurate cuts to be made to rocks and similar materials, such as concrete. Rocks saws are able to cut through softer igneous rock as well as harder sedimentary and metamorphic rock with ease. Most companies use rock saw attachments fitted to excavators for rock sawing projects.

How does rock sawing work?

Before rock sawing begins, the project site is generally surveyed for potential obstructions. Markings will then be made at the location to indicate where the rock sawing will occur. The rock saw will then make a series of precise cuts to excavate rock from the target site.

What are the benefits and applications of rock sawing?

The primary benefit of rock sawing over traditional excavation is reduced noise and vibration. This allows rock saws to be utilised on worksites in built-up areas with minimal disturbance to the surrounding community. The reduced amount of vibration also makes rock sawing ideal for structures with older or sensitive foundations. The primary applications of rock sawing include:

Detailed rock excavation

If you need to be able to precisely cut into and excavate rock in order to install a residential fixture such as a swimming pool, driveway, or basement, rock sawing is ideal for the job.


If your project requires trenching work, specialised rock saws designed specifically for trenching exist which are able to excavate both walls of the trench simultaneously.

Wall and boundary sawing

Rock saws are able to make precise boundary cuts and create smoothly finished surfaces for rock walls.


Rock saws can be invaluable for safely and precisely sawing through foundational rock and concrete during demolition projects.

What different types of rock saws exist, and what are they good for?

Most construction companies will use rock saw attachments designed to fit onto heavy-duty excavators. These rock saws will vary significantly in cutting width and diameter, with various different types of rock saws being used for a range of purposes and functions:

Diamond-tipped rock saws

Diamond-tipped rock saws are utilised primarily for sawing through hard rock materials such as sandstone. Diamond-tipped rock saws can slice through the rock efficiently and precisely, leaving rocks with a smooth finish and clean edges. They can also be used in place of a conical saw for situations in which a conical saw would have difficulty getting through the materials.

Precision boundary saws/offset saws

As the name might suggest, these rock saws are used for cutting boundaries beyond the width of the machine. The use of a precision boundary saw allows for vibration-free and precise boundary cuts on vertical walls or the sides of trenches.

Trench rock saws

Trench rocks saws are able to cut both sides of a trench simultaneously. They can cut as deep or high as the excavator boom can reach.

Tungsten carbide rock saw

These rock saws are often used for cutting limestone and feature round teeth or picks. A tungsten carbide rock saw is an incredibly versatile choice for rock sawing since it can be used to make both horizontal and vertical cuts.

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