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What is earthmoving equipment?

June 11, 2022

If you’ve ever walked past a fully excavated construction site that only a few days prior was an overgrown patch of vegetation and garbage and thought to yourself, “how did this happen?”, odds are it was most likely accomplished using earthmoving equipment. Defining exactly what constitutes earthmoving equipment is rather simple. Generally they are heavy-duty vehicles that have been purpose built to carry out specific earthworks and digging tasks that are required to complete construction projects. If you were a fan of Tonka Trucks as a child, chances are you’ve already owned a miniaturised piece of earthmoving equipment, whether that be a dump truck, bulldozer, excavator, or posi-track loader.

As leading suppliers of earthmoving equipment to residential, commercial, and civil projects across Sydney and the Northern Beaches, we have taken the liberty of highlighting some key machinery pieces that are essential to any worksite.

Excavator - the champion of the construction site

One of the most common and vital pieces of earthmoving equipment, an excavator’s primary role is to dig and remove large volumes of soil and earth materials to create trenches, foundations, and other inground structures. The design of an excavator is made up of a boom, a stick, an attachment (usually a bucket or scoop), and a cab, all resting on either a wheeled, or tracked base. Using a hydraulic system, the fundamental operation of an excavator involves the stick and attachment being pulled back towards the base scooping up material which is then lifted and slewed into another location or into a truck or disposal unit.

There are also a range of excavator attachments available which can allow for the machine to carry out additional tasks that go beyond basic digging. Modern excavators can also be used for tasks like demolition, drilling, rock breaking, rock sawing, and landscaping work.

Posi-track loader - the honourable underdog

While not necessarily a giant in the world of heavy machinery, the posi-track loader is an incredibly durable and versatile piece of earthmoving equipment and is ideally suited for digging in tight access environments. Operating on tracks as opposed to wheels, posi-track loaders are highly manoeuvrable in varied terrain including mud, soft soil, and snow, and can safely carry out earthmoving on a slope.

Posi-track loaders have a powerful lifting capacity and are commonly used to carry out digging, grading, bulldozing, and, of course, loading and unloading Like with the excavator, a posi-track loader can be fitted with multiple attachments with a few of the more common including augers, rotary cutters, hydraulic breaker, and grapples.

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