If you’re not prepared to take the risk of choosing the correct rock cutting saw to best suit your project, let alone carry out the work, Jett Earthmoving have got you covered. With an experienced team and a top-of-the-line range of excavators and rock saw attachments at our disposal, we can provide end-to-end rock sawing services right across Sydney, including the Northern Beaches and Mosman. Get in touch with us today for more information and to receive an obligation free quote.

When in doubt, bring in the professionals

Purpose built and designed to assist with the creation of trenches for pipelines and cables, trencher rock saws – while lacking the versatility of the previous rock cutting saws we have covered – are ideal for carrying out works in urban and built up environments. With high productivity and performance at the forefront, trencher rock saws can create deep, narrow cuts in hard soil, rock, and concrete to allow for the efficient installation of vital infrastructure.

Working down in the trenches? There’s a saw for that too

Both strong and durable, tungsten carbide rock cutting saws are an ideal tool for completing works across earthmoving, excavation, quarrying, and mining projects. While it may not be as tough as a diamond rock saw, tungsten carbide blades can easily carry out sawing on rock with a mass classification of up to 60MPa. One additional benefit of a tungsten carbide rock saw you should take into consideration is that it does not require water supply to operate.

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Residential rock excavation

Tough as tungsten

Rock removal

What are the different types of rock cutting saws available?

June 5, 2022

Rock sawing can play a vital role in all manner of construction. Anywhere that you encounter a hard material or rock surface that needs to be worked on, a rock cutting saw is the most efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly means to complete your project. With a few different varieties of rock saws available on the market, we have chosen a few of the more popular to showcase so you can be better prepared for the next time you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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Shine bright like a diamond rock saw

Incorporating one of the hardest substances on the planet into a rock cutting saw blade was always going to be a game changer. Diamond rock saws are capable of producing clean, dust-free cuts across all manner of stone varieties, including sandstone, at a much faster rate than other rock saw varieties. Boasting a reduction in both vibrations and noise whilst operational, diamond rock saws are versatile enough to be utilised across a wide range of project types.

If you are working on a site with valuable mineral rock that you wish to salvage or are looking to repurpose the excavated rock to minimise waste, a diamond rock saw will leave more material intact through the cutting process and can be utilised to create ready-to-use blocks with a clean finish. One major flaw of the diamond rock saw is its reliance on water, a constant supply of which is required to keep the blade operational.

Set clear boundaries with a precision boundary saw

Boundary rock saws are generally attached to an excavator in an offset position rather than dead on centre. This configuration allows operators to perform clear and precise boundary cuts and create smooth vertical walls across a range of rock and hard material surfaces. The ability to utilise the full side-section of the blade allows for fast, efficient boundary marking and also makes it ideal for carrying out tasks like trenching.

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