What is rock sawing?
What is rock sawing?

A pool removal means you get to partner with us

When it comes to providing end-to-end swimming pool demolition and pool removal services, no one does it better than Jett Earthmoving. We provide clients across Sydney and the Northern Beaches with end-to-end pool removal services that includes the pool fill-in and waste removal. Get in touch with us today for more information and to receive an obligation free quote.

A pool removal will give you access to a larger portion of the real estate market

If the time ever comes to sell your property, a pool can be more of a hindrance than a highlight. Savvy property buyers will have done their research (and maybe even have read this blog) and know all too well the associated costs and risks that comes with owning a pool. And whilst there are a select group of buyers who have a swimming pool on their wish list, there are also those who don’t and see it as an immediate turn-off. By signing off on a pool removal, you may suddenly find that the number of parties interested in your property goes from the dozens to the hundreds.

Pool removal

How pool removal can benefit your property

June 3, 2022

Dead leaves, chlorine stains, green hair, filter pumps, more dead leaves - what was once the pride of your property now makes you cringe every time you pull back the blinds and look out over the yard. Whether the pool installation was originally your idea, or you simply inherited it when taking over a home or property, there can be many reasons why you may want to undertake a swimming pool removal. Even if it’s sad to see it go, the good news is you will gain instant access to the many benefits that come with a pool-free existence and here at Jett Earthmoving we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common.

Still on the fence about a pool removal? Read our 3 signs it’s time to get rid of your pool.

A pool removal will save you money

With the rising cost of living in Australia, we are all looking for ways to reduce our monthly expenses. Just like that streaming service subscription you barely use, swimming pools can spend two-thirds of the year taking your money with no return on investment. Whether it’s for pool chemicals, electricity to power the filter pump, or just the time it takes you to perform routine maintenance a swimming pool requires constant attention to avoid it turning into a breeding ground for toxic algae and mosquitoes. By deciding to undergo a pool removal, not only will you save on the monthly operational costs, but you will also take some timely chores from your to-do list and gain back some “me time”.

A pool removal eliminates potential risks to young children

No one loves the water more than children, and while having a pool can make you a legend in the eyes of your kids, the grandkids, or even the neighbourhood kids, it only takes a small distraction for a tragedy to occur. On average, six children drown in private swimming pools every year in New South Wales. An alarming statistic which, in itself, is cause enough to organise a pool removal. If you have young children in the house or visiting regularly, the pool, while in place, will remain an ongoing safety concern. Do the smart thing and take away the stress by taking away your pool.

A pool fill in after a successful pool removal will create a usable space that can be enjoyed all year round

While a swimming pool may be all fun and games in the summer, it spends the remainder of the year taking up a good portion of your outdoor space - especially when you take into account the safety fencing. When you undertake a comprehensive pool removal, such as the kind we offer at Jett Earthmoving, we will perform a pool fill in as part of our service to leave you with a compacted, level area that is safe to be repurposed for whatever your landscaping heart desires.

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