When navigating rock and other hard materials is needed to see your excavation work complete, a contractor like Jett Earthmoving can provide you with quality rock removal services that can accomplish even the most complex of detailed excavation projects. We will utilise modern cutting, drilling, and digging techniques with top-of-the-line machinery or even by hand where required, to excavate and extract sections of rock leaving it primed and ready for constructions and installations to successfully occur.

When it comes to excavating on hard material surfaces, it always pays to bring in a professional team. Utilising the improper equipment for your ground density can cause damage to the machinery and cause large delays in your project completion timelines. Jett Earthmoving have the skill and expertise to carry out rock removal services, including bulk excavation and detailed excavation for projects all across Sydney, including the Northern Beaches and Mosman council area. Get in touch with us today for more information and to receive an obligation free quote.

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Residential rock excavation

Whether it’s bulk excavation or detailed excavation, always hire a professional to carry out your rock removal services

Rock removal

Rock removal services - bulk excavation vs detailed excavation

June 5, 2022

When undertaking any construction project – whether it is residential, commercial, or civil in nature – it is always important to assess the type of ground on which you will be working. The surface density, whether it is graded as easy, medium, or hard, could dictate additional excavation steps that may be required to effectively complete your work. If you find yourself working atop a hard surface area, and depending on your desired outcome, you may require rock removal services in the form of bulk excavation or detailed excavation.

If these two terms have you scratching your head in confusion, never fear – not only is Jett Earthmoving a specialist provider of both bulk and detailed excavations, but we have put together an overview so you can assess which rock removal service best suits your project.

What is bulk excavation?

In a nutshell, bulk excavation involves the removal of large quantities of ground materials including soil, rock, sand, and other materials. A common occurrence in civil construction, the terrain density on which the bulk excavation occurs can dictate the type of equipment that needs to be used. Should a project require construction on a dense rock or hard material surface, a contractor like Jett Earthmoving, who specialise in rock removal services, may need to be brought in.

Carrying out a successful bulk rock excavation will require cutting into and removing a large amount of hard material across an entire site area, the size of which can vary depending on project specifications. Special attachments like rock saws and drills will usually be necessary to complete the bulk excavation work and provide a great alternative to blasting, especially in built up areas.

What is detailed excavation?

Detailed excavation, unlike bulk excavation, requires a degree of finesse and generally must fall within the exact margins of the project design specifications. Whether you are excavating a small or narrow area for the installation of trenches or even a swimming pool, or require accurate site levelling and foundation footings for a new build, detailed excavation provides the precision to meet your requirements.

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